More than half of urban Romanian employees shop online during work hours

Almost six in ten urban Romanian employees admit to shopping online during work hours at least once a month and most of those who do so (52%) say they spend about half an hour for each online shopping session, according to a survey by online recruiting platform BestJobs.

Most employees who shop online during work hours (54%) prefer doing this in the afternoon (15:00-18:00), 19% do it in the morning (9:00-11:00) and only 15% do it around lunch. Half of the online shoppers at work order things from their mobile devices and a third use the company PC or laptop.

The most popular purchases are clothes, shoes and accessories (40% of the shoppers buy these), electronics and electric appliances (33%), IT&C products (28%), gifts (24.3%), cosmetics (15.5%), baby products (9%) and home decoration products (9.2%).

One in five employees say they visit online stores at work even if they don’t have something to buy, when they have some time to spare. About a third (33%) use the breaks to read online articles and 30% visit social media websites.

The survey was carried out in August on a sample of 1,302 urban internet users.

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