Romania’s tourism ministry adds new cable car to Vulcan ski resort

Vulcan mountain resort in Romania, one of the newest such resorts in the country, has received a new cable car, part of a larger ski resort development program financed by the Tourism Ministry and the local city council. The cable car was however stuck during the inauguration ceremony last week-end, due to a broken sensor.

The Vulcan ski development project features cable cars between 770 – 1,310 m and 1,310 and 1,620 m altitudes, as well as ski slope equipments such as ski lifts, night lights installations and artificial snow equipments on all the three slopes in the resort.

The first stage of the project was finalized between 2009 and 2010- the telegondola between 770 and 1,310 m in the Vulcan clough, the ski slope, access roads.

Vulcan is the newest mountain resort on Jiului Valley in Romania, seven kilometers from Vulcan town. Check map here.

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