Top cities in Romania for green space per inhabitant

The area of green spaces in Romania’s cities totaled 26,639 hectares at the end of last year, slightly lower than in 2016, and the average green space area per inhabitant was 21.3 sqm, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INS).

Green spaces, which encompass parks, public gardens, children’s playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities, represented 5.7% of the total area of cities in Romania, which reached over 465,000 hectares at the end of 2017.

The city with the highest green space area per inhabitant was Cavnic, in the northern Romania area of Maramures, with 674 sqm. It was followed by other mountain and spa resorts, such as Borsec (166.7 sqm), Slanic (160.4 sqm), Sovata (154.4 sqm), Baile Olanesti (140.9 sqm), Sarmasu (124.2 sqm) and Lipova (122.7 sqm).

Of the bigger cities, Baia Mare, the regional capital of Maramures county, had the biggest green space area per inhabitant, namely 119.2 sqm.

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