The ultimate test: Electric bus crosses Romania’s high altitude road Transfagarasan

An electric bus that has been tested for almost a month by Bucharest’s Public Transport Company RATB managed to cross Romania’s high altitude road Transfagarasan with a single battery charge, according to Anadolu Automobil Rom, the initiator of this action.

The bus, which is produced by Czech group SOR Libchavy, started from Pitesti and reached the Balea Lake with more than 20% of its battery still charged. It then charged the battery to over 60% to descend and reach Sibiu. At arrival, the bus still had almost 30% of battery power left, reports local Agerpres.

The route has proven to be quite difficult, as there were vehicles transporting wood on the road, as well as drivers who didn’t comply with the legal speed limits.

After crossing the Transfagarasan, the bus has continued its tests in Timisoara, Arad, Lugoj, Oradea, and other cities in the north-west region.

The SOR EBN 10.5 bus, which is produced by SOR Libchavy from the Czech Republic, has a Skoda Electric asynchronous liquid-cooled engine, Cegeleg wiring, and Winston Battery/Lithium-ion batteries. It has a seating capacity 85 passengers, a battery-charging time of 7-8 hours, and an extra-urban autonomy of 250 kilometers.

Anadolu Automobil Rom is the official importer of this bus in Romania and has been trying to convince municipalities to test it and buy it for their public transport.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]

(Photo source: Anadolu Automobil Rom on Facebook)