Review: The farm from Penteleu Mountain

Guest writer Roxana Baicu visited a modern touristic farm in the Buzau mountains, trying to rediscover the real traditional life in the Romanian countryside.

After 3 hours of driving from Bucharest, passing through several hidden villages we reached Varlaam, and in 10 more minutes of driving a sylvan road we arrived at the village of Gura Milii, that hosts only 4 families. It is the last village at the bottom of Penteleu Mountain. And here we discovered a mix of savage along Basca river. This is the border of Muntenia with Transylvania, there is Covasna over the mountain.

To enter “Ferma de sub Penteleu” we had to walk to the other side of the river (2 minutes) and a moving bridge helped us do that. It was as picturesque as it was thrilling and I haven’t experienced such an original „entrance” before.

The Dinca family runs the farm and they have 2 beautiful sons, as joyful as I remembered us when we were kids and used to go often to the countryside during school holidays.

Alexandru who runs the farm together with his wife, Vali, embraced the agrarian life with passion. And you can see that in the details. Of course, Romania is a blend of different countryside offers but here we found all the comfort perfectly adjusted to what nature gifted the place with.

Surrounded by original furnishings, with sunlight floors through the wooden windows, the suites are mainly designed for families, so there are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a small entrance.  That’s all we needed. You can tell they worked with a designer, as all the details were surprising, a new, modern way of exposing and exploring the artisan’s handicrafts.

At the farm, we found fresh goat milk and cheese, homemade bread, their own mutton salami and above all, Luiza’s delicious dishes. She is the one spoiling the guests with tasteful courses, trying a new interpretation of the traditional cuisine. She only needs the tourists to appreciate that and there we were.

Away from the beat of the city, it is a perfect place in the sense that you have all the best on a platter, a sandy sunbathing place by the river, relaxing hammock in the nearby woods, lunch on the uphill terrace, and there is more to come as the owners plan to build a small restaurant by the river and a natural swimming pool. I can’t wait for the next summer.

For a few days, the kids had the chance to live in this rich landscape and, enjoy a life ‘au naturel’, caressing the rabbits, the baby goats, amidst fowls, hairy pigs, sheep and goats.

As we strolled along the river, the vegetation seemed quite intriguing for such an area, it is typical for rain forests, it was abundantly green with long lianas forming bridges amidst the forest canopy.

Saturday afternoon, Adriana and Radu taking a nap next to me, the sound of the yard birds through the open window, and the Persian letters of Montesquieu I found on the night stand… that’s quite a treat for me.

Nothing compares to going into a whole different environment – like a little farm and appreciate the simple things in life that make a big difference. On the way back, make a stop at Vulcanii Noroiosi or in Colti, at the Amber Museum, where you’ll discover some beautiful amber pieces.

Here are a few photos of the farm:

Ferma de sub Penteleu - inside 1 Ferma de sub Penteleu - inside 2 Ferma de sub Penteleu - inside Ferma de sub Penteleu - natural food Ferma de sub Penteleu - playground Ferma de sub Penteleu - the beach by the river Ferma de sub Penteleu - the goats Ferma de sub Penteleu - the nature Ferma de sub Penteleu - the pigs

by Roxana Baicu, guest writer

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