Termination rates to decrease by 12-13% in Romania this spring

The termination rates for telecom operators will decrease by 12-13% from next spring, from EUR 0.96 per minute to EUR 0.84-EUR 0.85 per minute, and this drop should also reflect in the service bills, Sorin Grindeanu, president of the telecom regulator ANCOM, said yesterday.

The authority has met with telecom operators this week, Grindeanu added. Romania has a notification from the European Commission to reduce the termination rates, he explained.

Last week, Grindeanu said that termination rates will decrease in the near future.

In October, ANCOM decided to freeze the mobile and fixed termination rates at the 2014 level. The decision was supported by the largest telecom operators on the local market, Orange, Vodafone and Telekom but opposed by local group Digi. Romania’s Competition Council said that ANCOM needed to revise the tariffs, which haven’t been updated in years, and the European Commission started an investigation on this matter.

Termination rates are essential in determining the final prices with which operators sell communications services.

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