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videoRomanian film review – Four films for the season

If you need a break from the traditional Christmas frenzy, or, if possible, from the current social and political commotion, here's a small list...

Romanian film review – Reconstruction: Romania after 25 Years

The Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin has been very active in the film department in the past years and their biggest project is an...

Romanian film review – History masterfully revisited: Videograms of a Revolution

German documentarist Harun Farocki passed away a few months ago and for those who have followed his prolific career for the past forty years,...

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(P) DSBU – 10 years in Romania

DSBU celebrated 10 years in Romania. It could be just an anniversary moment, but the German school has always dreamed of more. On September 27th, 2017, Deutsche...

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