Study: Women feel old and ugly on Wednesdays, want sex on Thursdays and are happy on Fridays

Many women feel older and uglier on Wednesdays, according to a new study of British women by cosmetics company St Tropez. A combination of partying on the weekend and lack of sleep and stress over Monday and Tuesday combine to make many women feel at their worst on Wednesdays. The study even gives a precise time: 3:30 on Wednesday afternoons, as a well-being low point. “It’s fascinating that 3.30pm on a Wednesday is the time women look their oldest,” beauty expert Nichola Joss of the company St Tropez told British newspaper the Telegraph.

The study also found that Thursday is the day when many women are most likely to have sex, which due to a resulting combination of endorphins and “a youthful rosy glow” could contribute to women feeling good on Fridays, according to the study.

St Tropez commissioned the study to coincide with the launch of an anti-aging product, thus the firm clearly has a vested economic interest in the results. However, the survey does appear to reveal some trends in how women feel day to day and how stress and tiredness levels run through weekly cycles.

Fridays appear to be the best days, with 60 percent of the women in the survey saying that is when they feel the happiest.

The research was carried out by One Poll on a sample of British women in January 2013. St Tropez was founded in 1996 and specializes in self-tan and skincare products.

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