Study: 20% of Romanian employees had no days off in the last year


More than 57% of Romanian employees had maximum 10 days of leave in the last year, while 20% had no days off, according to local online recruiting platform eJobs. Only 17% benefited from all the days off available in a year.

The study was carried out in April-May 2018 on 1,300 respondents aged 18-56.

The results of the study showed that things could be better this summer, as almost 74% of employees planned between 5 and 20 days of vacation, while 13.3% will have maximum 5 days off and 12.7% will stay in the office all summer.

In terms of holiday budgets, 60% said they allocated up to EUR 500, 28% plan to spend up to EUR 1,000, and less than 15% are ready to spend between EUR 1,000 and EUR 2,000 or more.

“The number of days off the Romanians take says a lot about how they manage to split between office and home life. But even more important is their behavior during holidays. 4 out of 10 Romanian employees say they are used to working during their vacation, and 14.5% of them spend at least two hours daily for that purpose,” said Bogdan Badea, CEO eJobs Romania.

A significant number of employees remain connected to what happens at the office when they are on vacation. Even more, a quarter of all participants in the eJobs study said that when they have less than seven days of vacation, they choose to spend their holiday in locations that are close from home, so that their colleagues can contact them at any time.

Almost all respondents keep their emails active during vacation, with only 9% of respondents saying they never check it. About 4% of them have a record-breaking frequency of email connection – once or several times per hour, every day.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]