Study: Almost three quarters of Romanians listen to music when driving

Over 70% of the Romanian drivers listen to music frequently when driving. Their favorite musical genres are dance, easy listening and pop, according to a survey by OMV Data Center quoted by Agerpres.

While 71.9% of drivers in Romania say they always listened to music when driving, 17.6% of those surveyed said they listened to music almost every time they drive. Only 8.3% said they listened to music occasionally when driving.

At the opposite end, 2.2% of the surveyed drivers never listened to music while in the car.

The most popular musical genres are dance, easy listening and pop, which gathered over 60% of the answers, the study showed. These are followed in almost equal percentages of 20-30% by rock, house, hip-hop, classical, rap, traditional and electronic music.

The study also revealed that most Romanian drivers prefer the radio (92%). The USB sticks (37.5%) and the CDs (30%) are next in the preferences of the local drivers. Music on the mobile phone is chosen by 17% of the respondents, YouTube by 12.2%, and mobile music apps by 5.4%. Nonetheless, 1.9% of local drivers still have audio tapes with music in their cars.

“On the short term, audio CDs are still an option for Romanian drivers. On the medium and long term, taking into account the technological advances of the cars (the multimedia systems based on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connections), the trends towards the renewal of the local auto park, the development and spread of audio streaming apps, and the halt of the compact discs production on the American continent, with a view towards focusing on online platforms, a drop in the use of CDs on the Romanian market is foreseen, going towards their final removal (on the long term),” the survey notes.

OMV Data Center is an analysis instrument of the behaviors and trends encountered with drivers in Romania.

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