Students of Romanian school learn anatomy on former principal’s skeleton

The students of the rural Puchenii Mosneni elementary school in Romania’s Prahova county are learning anatomy on the skeleton of a former headmaster. The principal died around 1965 and left his skeleton, by will, as teaching material for the school, reports local Mediafax.

Alexandru Grigore Popescu worked at the school in Prahova county at the beginning of the last century. He was born in Puchenii Mosneni around 1890 and started teaching at the school in 1908.

“It seems that the remains were decomposed in an acid bath, and the bones were then assembled and taken to school,” said Sorin Stanciu, a current history teacher at the Puchenii Mosneni elementary school.

Besides the skeleton, the former principal also left the school a series of notebooks with notes, poems and songs for children.

The skeleton is currently kept in a glass case, in one of the school’s classrooms, and is being used for anatomy lessons.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]