Stories from Romania: Steven Van Groningen- Bad, but not that bad

This is a story written by Steven van Groningen on his personal blog. Steven Van Groningen is the CEO of a bank in Romania. Read about him here.

Sometimes people try to make things look better than they are. Breast implants, leasing Rolls Royces- I understand there are still a few repossessed ones for sale – statistics and politicians come to mind. Sometimes people try to make  things look worse than they are. Doom sayers, former bankers that like to be quoted again and politicians come to mind.

Often this is discounted by a healthy dose of skepticism. My father is a good example, he used to say about a certain politician that when his lips were moving he knew the man was lying.

Read the rest of this story here- which includes ideas on non – performing loans, Romanian accounting standards and the country’s risk premium

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