New steakhouse opens in Bucharest’s Old Town

Tex-mex steakhouse Vibes19 is open in Bucharest beginning August 8. The restaurant is located in the city’s Old Town, close to the National Museum of History of Romania, on Franceza street.

The venue can seat 30 inside and another 40 on the terrace. The décor is an urban-industrial one, with a mix of wood of metal and references to the New York of the 1900s. A team of architects made up of Maria Decu and Mihai Dumitrache, collaborating with Andreea Guriță, was in charge with the set up.

The menu includes steaks and specialties such as truffle burgers, camarones al mojo de ajo (shrimp in garlic sauce), and the quinoa bowl.

(Photo: Vibes 19)

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