videoTen songs and lyrical creations that best capture the Romanian spirit

Romanians celebrate today 100 years since the Great Union that set the foundation of modern-day Romania. Romania have always had great poets and musicians who expressed in their songs and lyrics the pride to be Romanian. Here is a short selection of the most popular songs and poems that capture the Romanian spirit.

1. Noi suntem Romani! (We are Romanians!) is probably one of the best-known patriotic songs, one that makes any Romanian vibrate to its message. This version is sung by Ioan Bocsa, Nicolae Fudrui Iancu and Dragan Muntean, three of the most beloved Romanian folk artists.

2. Asa-i Romanul (would roughly translate This is how Romanians are) sang by Nicolae Furdui Iancu, is also a song about love of country.

3. Doamne, ocroteste-i pe Romani (God, protect the Romanians) sang by Sava Negrean Brudascu is a prayer for all Romanians. One of its most famous lyrics refers to Romania as “Saraca tara bogata” (You poor, rich country).

4. Acolo este tara mea (That’s where my country is) by Tudor Gheorghe

5. Tara noastra-i tara noastra (Our Country is Our Country) by Nicu Alifantis

6. Canta cucu-n Bucovina (The Cuckoo is Singing in Bukovina) by Grigore Lese. This is a song about a country that has lost its sons and is hoping to see them again.

7. Tot ce-i romanesc nu piere (All That is Romanian Never Dies) by Jean Moscopol. The famous interwar singer wrote this song while in exile.

8. Rapsodia romana (The Romanian Rhapsody) by George Enescu. This masterpiece by Enescu makes you feel Romania’s spirit.

9. Ce-ti doresc eu tie, dulce Romanie (What I Wish for You, Sweet Romania) by Mihai Eminescu, recited by actor Florin Piersic.

10. Desteapta-te Romane! (Wake up, Romanian!) – Romania’s national anthem sang by the Madrigal choir

La multi ani, Romania!

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