Solar panels generated 7% of Romania’s electricity production yesterday

Operational photovoltaic parks generated over 500 MW of electricity on Monday, at 13:00, which is one of the largest productions registered so far in Romania in this sector, according to real time data published by Transelectrica, cited by local Agerpres.

Thus, solar parks generated 7 percent of the national electricity production.

The total electricity production was of 7,232 MW on Monday at 13:00, mostly coming from hydro sources. Romania’s Hidroelectrica produces over 45 percent of the national electricity. On Monday at 13:00, the company was producing 3,282 MW.

The coal accounts for 28.1 percent of the total energy, or slightly over 2,000 MW, while the nuclear energy provides 9.58 percent (691 MW).

Irina Popescu, [email protected]