Shipwreck found off the coast of Romania’s Black Sea

A Romanian diver discovered a shipwreck north of Gura Portiței, on the Romanian Black Sea coast. The shipwreck, believed to date from the Second World War, was found some 17 meters deep in the water, reported.

Diver Iulian Rusu, who made the discovery, says the ship has a broken prow, which can provide clues to the way it went down. Many mines were placed in the area of Gura Portiței during the Second World War, and specialists say the ship probably sunk after entering this area.

Throughout the years, Rusu also discovered two planes in the Siutghiol Lake, and three other ships close to Sulina.

Many of the shipwrecks on the Black Sea coast are now part of a Romania- Bulgaria underwater tourism project targeting those who wish to visit them.

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