Former Romanian deputy PM, sent to court for abuse of office

Prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) have sent to court former deputy PM Sevil Shhaideh, currently advisor to PM Viorica Dancila.

The DNA charged Shhaideh with abuse of office during the period when she was deputy minister in the regional development ministry. Prosecutors say she illegally issued and endorsed a governmental bill regulating a land transfer (the Belina Island, part of Danube’s minor river bed) from the government to the regional administration of the Teleorman county. A few days later, the island was leased to a private company.

Four other high-positioned civil servants were also sent to court in the same case. The DNA also wanted to investigate Rovana Plumb, who was environment minister at that time, but she is currently MP, so she benefited from her colleagues’ protection when prosecutors asked for immunity lift.

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