September brings first snow and negative temperatures in Romania’s mountains

The first snow of the season has fallen at Balea Lake, more than 2,000m up in Romania’s Fagaras mountains.

Leaving a layer about 2cm deep, the snowfall came as temperatures in the area dropped below zero degrees Celsius on Saturday night (September 14).

Speaking about the weather conditions in the area, representatives of South Sibiu Transylvania Regional Meteorological Centre, quoted by local news agency Mediafax, said:

“There were minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, and temperatures dropping below zero for the first time this year.”

According to the head of the Sibiu Mountain Rescue Unit, Adrian David, snow in mid-September is not an unusual phenomenon in Balea Lake area.

Negative temperatures and snow were also recorded at more than 2,000 m altitude in Bucegi mountains, at Omu Peak.

Mountain rescuers say tourists planning to climb Fagaras or Bucegi mountains should take snow and low temperatures into account and be properly equipped.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]

(photo by Corina Chirileasa/