Russia again tightens the valve on gas deliveries to Romania

Russia decreased gas deliveries to Romania again on Wednesday morning, October 8, according to a statement of the Romanian Ministry of Energy. Gas imports from Russia were 18% lower than normal.

This is not the first time Gazprom cuts gas deliveries to Romania. Earlier this month, on October 1, deliveries of Russian gas to Romania dropped by 13% compared to the normal level, while the next day, on October 2, there was a 6% decrease compared to contracted quantities. Other decreases were also registered in September.

Romania’s energy minister Razvan Nicolescu recently said that the situation will likely continue, but that this poses no threat on gas supply for Romanian consumers.

Currently, Romania’s gas imports from Russia are at a very low level, of only 0.2 million cubic meters per day. Gas imports from Russia are usually higher in winter, when internal consumption grows due to low temperatures.

However, OMV Petrom and Romgaz, Romania’s largest gas producers have been pumping gas in underground deposits in the last few months to have extra quantities available when consumption will grow.

Romania is currently producing some 31 million cubic meters of gas per day, while consumption is about 22 million cubic meters per day, with the extra 9 million cubic meters being stored for winter.

New gas delivery decrease from Gazprom, but Romania ready to take on winter without Russian gas.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]

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