Romania’s seaside resort Mamaia to host the only marathon on sand in Europe this April

Romania’s seaside resort Mamaia will host this April the only marathon on sand in Europe.

The event is organized by SanaSport Sports Association, in partnership with Constanta County Department of Sport and Youth and Dobrogea-Litoral Water Basin Administration, and will be held on April 13, starting 11:00.

Both amateur and professional athletes can participate in the Sand Marathon (Maratonul Nisipului) and can chose between several races, such as the individual marathon – on a distance of 42.1 km, the individual half-marathon – 21 km, the relay marathon  – 4×10.55 km, the individual race on a distance of 10 km, and a popular race on a distance of 5 km.

“It is great that we’ve managed to organize this unique sports event in Europe. Nowhere on the continent  a marathon or half-marathon entirely was ever organized on sand,” said Daniel Antonaru, president of the SanaSport Sports Association.

The event also includes a 5-km popular race to be organized a day earlier, on April 12, 11:00.

More about the event here.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]

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