Romania’s PM Victor Ponta says Eldorado gold mining project permit will be annulled

Reports have surfaced that PM Victor Ponta wants to revoke the environmental permit Canadian Eldorado Gold Corp holds for a gold mine project in Romania, with irregularities in the use of cyanide cited as motive.

Legal proceeding have begun to annul the permit granted by a regional office in Timisoara for the project in the Certej area of Western Romania. “The Environment Minister has informed us that this permit for the Certej area was issued without respecting the legal procedures and clearly it will be annulled,” Ponta said, quoted by news service Bloomberg.

According to the same report, Romania’s Environment Ministry started an emergency investigation on September 3 and Minister Rovana Plumb has asked for the local boss of the Environment Ministry to be sacked. Bloomberg also reports that NGOs have opposed the permit because of the environmental issues raised by using deadly cyanide to extract gold.

Read the Bloomberg article.

Liam Lever, [email protected]

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