PM promises employment policy for Roma people in Romanian factories

ponta hollandeRomania will work to improve the inclusion of the Roma community in education and work, said the PM Victor Ponta during his trip to France. But added that the process would take “years.”

PM Ponta has been visiting France, meeting President Francois Hollande and other French officials. The economic situation in Europe and the ongoing horse meat scandal have been among the topics of debate.

The PM admitted that previous policies had proved ineffective and said that last summer he decided to strengthen employment policy for Roma people in Romanian factories and improve the integration of Roma children in the education system, but also warned during the interview with the French press that improvements would take time.

Romania’s PM Victor Ponta is in France for two days and as well as meeting the President, he is scheduled to meet the Prime Minister and representatives of the 16 most important companies in the country. The economy is on the agenda and it is hoped that the Ponta’s visit can help increase awareness of Romania and encourage the country as a target for French investment.

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photo source: Victor Ponta on Facebook


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