Romania’s justice minister finalizes justice law drafts

Judicial Inspection

An important set of law projects that aims to solve some of the problems in Romania’s justice system has been finalized by the Justice Ministry and will be presented to the Government this week, according to justice minister Tudorel Toader.

Toader added that he respected the deadline provided in the governing program for drafting this legislation, which is June 2017, reports local Mediafax.

He said he would present the law package to the Government, which should then send it to the Parliament. He added that he didn’t need to consult on this with the governing coalition leaders as the Parliament will discuss the law proposals anyway.

The minister didn’t want to comment on the possibility of him being changed. Since he took over as justice minister, in February, Tudorel Toader has been under constant pressure from the coalition parties to come up with a law draft to change the Criminal Code according to the Constitutional Court’s recommendations.

The biggest stake is setting a damage limit for the abuse of office crime, which would prevent prosecutors from investigating public officials if the damage is under a certain level. Tudorel Toader said he would consult with all concerned parties before setting this limit. However, the Parliament has the final say on this.

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