Romania’s electricity exports reach new record highs

power plant

Romania has recorded its largest electricity exports ever in the first nine months of this year, as floods in spring affected the power producing capacities of neighboring countries.

The higher internal energy production this year also pushed prices down, which made it more attractive for companies in other countries to buy energy from Romania.

Romania’s electricity exports in the first nine months were at 5TWh, according to electricity transport company Transelectrica, quoted by

By the end of the year, electricity exports should reach 6.5 TWh, from a total production of 60 TWh, which means 12% of Romania’s electricity output went to export.

At the average price of EUR 37 per MWh of energy, recorded on the OPCOM energy market, the total value of Romania’s energy production this year is about EUR 2.2 billion and exports would be some EUR 220 million.

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