Romania’s 2016 Night of Museums comes with audio-video guidance app for smartphones

The Night of Museums event in Romania will take place this year on May 21, and will introduce for the first time an audio-video guidance app for mobile devices. The event will be organized in Bucharest, as well as other big Romanian cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, and others.

The Long Night of Museums will be celebrated on the same day in other countries, as the Ministry of Culture in France has set this date and other European countries have adopted it, said Dragos Neamu, director of the National Network of Romanian Museums, the institution that coordinates the event, according to local Mediafax.

Romania’s Culture Ministry is now working on the application that will offer audio-video guidance on mobile devices for the visitors who will take part at this event.

During the 2015 edition, the National Network of Romanian Museums organized a protest and asked all the museums that were part of the network to cover important pieces of their collections. The institution wanted to bring in the limelight the dim situation of Romania’s museums.

The first Long Night of Museums took place in Berlin in 1997. The concept has spread to over 120 other cities in Europe, as well as in Argentina and the Philippines.

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Diana Mesesan, [email protected]


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