Romanians celebrate Saints Michael and Gabriel

Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel (Sfinţii Arhangheli Mihail şi Gavril) are celebrated today, November 8, in Romania.

It is the name day of those called Mihai, Mihaela, Gabriel and Gabriela. As many as 1.3 million Romanians celebrate their name day on this occasion, according to

The two saints are also recognized as archangels. Saint Michael is the leader of the army of angels, while Saint Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus. Saint Gabriel also brought to Saint Anne and Joachim the news of the conception of Virgin Mary.

In the Romanian religious folklore, Saint Michael carries the keys of Heavens, and watches over the sick, by the head of the bed if they are meant to die, or by their feet, if they are meant to live.

As archangels, both Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel assist in the Last Judgment, are patrons of homes, burn the sins that people accumulate, and, through fasting, purify their conscience.

According to popular custom, on the day of Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel, candles are lit for both the living and the dead who have passed away without one or in dreadful circumstances.


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