Most Romanians prefer ‘Made in Romania’ products, study shows

About 82% of Romanians buy consumer products at least once a week, spending an average of RON 1,010 (some EUR 215) per month on food, personal care and cleaning products, a study by MKOR revealed. More than half of them prefer Romanian products while 29% are looking specifically for stores that sell “Made in Romania” products.

The shopping baskets of 96% of Romanians also include Romanian food, cleaning and personal care products, according to the study cited by local Thus, at the end of a typical month, about 81% of all the food and over 40% of the personal care and cleaning items that Romanians buy are produced in Romania.

In addition, 51% of Romanians often choose Romanian products instead of imported ones, and 29% are looking specifically for stores that include “Made in Romania” products in their offer. Meanwhile, more than 9 out of 10 consumers choose fresh, perishable Romanian products such as dairy, meat, sausages, fruits and vegetables.

Almost five out of ten people who prefer Romanian products choose them primarily to support Romanian companies. In addition to the feeling of patriotism, 43% appreciate them for their quality, and 39% consider them more natural than those imported. On the other hand, those who prefer imported products choose them primarily because they have better prices (49% of those who prefer imported products), and because they are of superior quality (33%).

MKOR Consulting carried out the study in September-October 2018, based on the responses of over 1,000 people aged 18 to 54.

Irina Marica,

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