Over half of Romanians never engage in physical activity, study shows

Almost three-quarters of Romanians spend at least two and a half hours a day sitting down in front of their computer or in front of the TV, according to a recent Eurobarometer survey cited by the Romanian Sports Institute. In fact, according to data for Romania, 51% of Romanians never engage in physical activity.

“The European Commission’s Eurobarometer points out that today, compared to 2013, the number of people involved in physical activity to improve their health decreased by 12%,” said Adrian Socaciu, president of the Romanian Sports Institute.

Meanwhile, the number of Romanians who don’t exercise or play sport has increased compared to 2013, Romania ranking second in Europe when it comes to having a sedentary lifestyle. This favors pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Moreover, physical inactivity is identified, according to the World Health Organization, as the fourth major risk factor for global mortality, according to the Romanian Sports Institute.

“What is missing is a real partnership between three areas essential to the population’s health: sports, health and education,” Adrian Socaciu added.

Romania also ranks low when it comes to the level of involvement in sports volunteering. Only 2% of respondents to the Eurobarometer are involved in such actions, the percentage being lower compared to 2013.

The same study showed that only 2% of the respondents are members of a sports club, 5% are members of a fitness center, 1% are members of a socio-cultural club, 19% are members of other clubs, and 71% are not members of any club.

More Romanians want to have a healthy lifestyle, study shows

Irina Marica, [email protected]