Romanians blocked in Turkey’s Gaziantep after flights canceled due to bad weather

A total of 16 Romanians are currently blocked in Gaziantep, Turkey, as flights were canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, reports local

The Ministry states that the Romanian Embassy in Ankara knows about this situation and is in permanent connection with those affected by this incident. The Embassy is ready to provide consular assistance upon request.

Right after the situation was announced, the Romanian Embassy in Ankara contacted the airline operator whose flights were canceled to make sure that people’s rights are respected, especially in terms of accommodation and food.

Armed men tried to enter a police headquarters in Gaziantep on Tuesday. The police responded immediately, killing one of the attackers during a gun battle that broke out in front of the police station, the international media reports. However, a second attacker apparently managed to escape.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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