Romanian woman forgets bag with EUR 16,000 in restaurant

A woman from the eastern Romania city of Braila forgot a bag with more than EUR 16,000 in a restaurant, but managed to get the money back although she didn’t notify the authorities.

The woman, who lives in Italy, returned to Romania on Wednesday, January 3, together with her boyfriend. They made a stop on the way, in a restaurant in Dedulesti commune. That is where she forgot the bag with the money, reports local

An employee of the restaurant found the bag and took it to the Police. The officers opened the bag and found the EUR 16,000 and an identity card. Thus, they managed to contact the woman’s mother and give her the money back.

The woman told the Police that she had raised the money in Italy to buy an apartment in Braila, and that she didn’t announce the authorities that she had lost the bag because she didn’t think she would ever recover it.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]


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