Romanian stray dog pictures exhibited in London

A photographic exhibition that gathers photos of stray dogs in Romania and the UK is being held at London’s Menier Gallery this week. The exhibition will stay open until November 1 and the admission is free.

Although they are not often seen wondering the streets, there are over 100,000 stray dogs in the UK. This is a sad reality that animal welfare campaigners, together with a group of celebrities and photographer Jo Sax are trying to bring to public attention in the “Stray Dogs in Focus” project. Besides the work of Sax, the project has brought together dog-loving celebrities including the author Jilly Cooper OBE and actors Steven Mackintosh and Jason Watkins, reports

The first stray dog census carried out in Romania showed that the number of dogs living on the streets of Bucharest was over 64,700, according to a partial count conducted by the Authority for Animal Surveillance and Protection ASPA in September 2012. The margin of error was of +/- 10%.

Over 60% of Romanians disagree with stray dogs euthanasia, but only 7% would adopt one, study shows

Irina Popescu, [email protected]