Romanian songs: Basta Mafia! and Moldovenii s-au născut by Zdob si Zdub

It’s been a while since we listened to some Zdob si Zdub here at, and yes, technically they are a Moldovan band, but as for many people the Republic of Moldova is part of historic Romania, we’ll also make this exception and include the band in the Romanian song series, instead of stumbling over a technicality when it comes to listening to good music.

Zdob si Zdub have a new album, launched in 2012, and after listening to some of the songs of this album, we decided to feature the eponymous lead song, Basta Mafia!. But then we discovered another one, Moldovenii s-au născut (translated as Moldovans were born), so we couldn’t but feature both of them.

Basta Mafia is in English, and it moves slowly into the hardcore beat of the chorus, while steadily maintaining a calm and relaxing sound in the background throughout the song. The second however is powerful from beginning to end, and the video is very illustrative of the folklore Zdob si Zdub like to combine in their songs. The music starts at minute one, so don’t get inpatient.

Just days before their upcoming concert in Bucharest at Hard Rock Cafe – on April 12 – it’s time to enjoy some of the band’s well known ethno – rock, the hardcore crossover of hip-hop, drum’n’bass, jungle, punk.

Zdob si Zdub are one of the best known Moldovan bands and have performed in 20 countries, in stand alone concerts, as well as at international festivals. The band, launched in 1996, have released nine albums so far.

Band members are Roman Iagupov – vocals, Mihai Gincu – bass guitar, Sveatoslav Starus – guitar, Andrei Cebotari – drums, Valeriu Mazilu – trumpet, bagpipe, Victor Dandes – trombone and traditional instruments.

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