Romanian song: Sus pe toc by Shift feat. Marius Moga

Yes, it’s another summer song, but we so like the beat of this one that we could not resist sharing it! It makes you want to dance, and again the Romanian prodigy composer Marius Moga has hit the jackpot. The song is in Romanian, and the lyrics are consumer – smart. Plus, mentioning the names of large Romanian cities, plus singing about women and high heels is a good marketing recipe, for the song itself, and targets wide audiences.

There;s not a lot to say about the song other than this, just that you should try to listen to it, it’s catchy– you may even hear it by accident on the radio, if you listen to local radio stations.

Shift – by his real name Gabriel Mihai Istrate is one of the newest hip-hop artists in the Romanian music industry, known for a previous collaboration with old timer George Nicolescu, with the song ‘Viata-i de vina’ (life’s to blame).

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(photo source: Shift on Facebook)


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