Romanian project shortlisted for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture

Take a(l)titude, a project of the Romanian architecture office Archaeus, is one of the 40 shortlisted at this year’s edition of the Mies van der Rohe Award, the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture.

A total of 356 works were nominated for the prize at this edition, including ten projects from Romania, but only 40 made the shortlist. The five finalist works will be selected from this shortlist.

Take a(l)titude is a mountain rescue point located in Călțun, in the Făgăraș mountains. It stands at an altitude of 2,100 sqm and was made out of cross laminated timber, a sustainable material. The material was chosen to resist the snowy weather conditions in the area. At the same time, the project was designed to withstand the strong local winds, of some 160 km per hour. It also has an aluminum cover sheet that takes its color and design from the moss covered stones on site, the architects explain. The materials for the construction were flown to the site by helicopter, so a certain lightness of the structure had to be achieved. The shelter is also energy independent as it is equipped with a photovoltaic panel.

The shelter is located in an accident prone area and has a first aid room for a mountain rescue team (covering 3 places) and a space for tourists (19 places). Another, 40-year old shelter existed on site but its location was moved with the new project in order to protect the lake in the vicinity from pollution but also to allow helicopters to land in emergency cases, while avoiding the wind currents of Călțun valley.

The team that worked on the project is made up of architect Marius Miclaus and collaborators Marius Soflete (engineering), Ovidiu Balan, Paula Ivan (architects), Laura-Maria Andrecencu (office), Raul Andronache, Raluca Hanches, and Olimpiu Vuia (art). A group of 48 volunteers worked on the construction of the project.

A list of the 40 shortlisted works can be read here.

Ten Romanian architecture offices among nominees for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture

The construction TAKE A(L)TITUDE – Trailer

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(Photo source: Photo: Dan Purice)


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