Romanian private operator Total Post ups turnover three fold in 2012, wants more after state monopoly lifted

Dan Rosu_Total Post

Romanian private postal service operator Total Post increased its turnover by three times in 2012 on the year before, to over EUR 7.7 million, from around EUR 2.5 million in 2011, the company announced. The company increased its number of customers by 60 percent year-on-year, and reached a portfolio of over 200 companies, among which UPC, BCR, CEC Bank, UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Apa Nova.

Last year, Total Post delivered 43 million letters, a four-fold increase on 2011, and hopes to reach 55 million deliveries this year. The company wants to take advantage of the end in the state owned Romanian Post’s monopoly on small items with low values, which was lifted from January 1 this year. “We expect to reach an operational profit margin of 8-10 percent this year,” said Total Post business development manager Dan Roșu (in picture). He also said 2012 was a difficult year, as the postal market stayed flat, at some 450 million letters sent on the domestic market.

Total Post was created in 2009 and offers letter sending services. The company employs 1,000 people for its current activity and has 600 collaborators for bigger mailing projects.

Mid last year, the Bucharest Police canceled its contracts with Total Post Services, which should have ended in 2014, as the company had been fined three times for breaching the monopoly rules on the postal services market in Romania. The Romanian Post was the only company which was allowed to send letters under RON 2 and weighting up to 50 grams, but the monopoly was lifted from the beginning of 2013.

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(photo source: Total Post)


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