Romanian Prince Serban Cantacuzino dies in Paris

Romanian Prince Serban Cantacuzino, theater and film actor, died on Monday in Paris at the age of 70. The artist’s funeral is planned to take place this Saturday at Bellu Orthodox cemetery in Bucharest, starting 12:00 hours.

Born on February 4, 1941, in Bucharest, in a noble family, with his father being the doctor, producer, screenwriter, director and film critic Ion Cantacuzino, Serban Cantacuzino started acting at age 11 with his grandmother, actress Maria Filotti in “The Prince and the Beggar”, at the Bucharest National Theatre.

In 1963 he played Prince Edward role, with the great George Vraca in “Richard the third” at the Army Theater in Constanta. After 1990 he settled in Paris, dedicating his life to the culture. Serban Cantacuzino is a descendant of the royal family Cantacuzino. His ancestor Serban Cantacuzino was the Prince of Wallachia between 1678 and 1688. He took part in the Ottoman campaign ending in their defeat at the Battle of Vienna.

Irina Popescu, [email protected]