Romanian president Basescu skips CEE heads of states summit in Warsaw as Kosovo invited

Romanian president Traian Basescu will not attend the heads of states reunion for the Central and Eastern Europe this week in Warsaw, in protest after Poland invited Kosovo, an entity which Romania doesn’t recognize as a state, according to the presidential spokesman Valeriu Turcan. The summit, to be held between May 27 and 28, will gather heads of states and of governments, including US president Barack Obama, who is on an European tour. According to Polish media, Atifete Jahjaha, the president of Kosovo, has been invited at the summit at US’ request.

The polish media has previously reported Romania and Serbia have been boycotting the summit because of the Kosovo’s president attendance. Initially, Slovakia refused to attend but the Slovakian officials found a diplomatic way to ensure their president will be able to take part in the summit. Romania, Serbia and Slovakia have not recognized Kosovo, a former Serbian province, which declared its independence in February 2008. Kosovo’s independence has alreadybeen recognized by 75 states.