Romanian Police arrests fortune tellers and loan sharks in witchcraft scam

Romanian prosecutors have searched 13 houses in Bucharest and Ilfov and arrested several women who had allegedly scammed people through fortune telling. Two fortune tellers from Bucharest and one from Satu Mare and four of their accomplices have been arrested on allegedly taking EUR 450,000 from Romanian actor and singer Oana Zavoranu. Three others have submitted complaints against them so far. People who have asked for their supernatural services claim they have paid in cash and in kind: cars and jewelry.

Two of the arrested fortune tellers, who call themselves ‘witches’ – Vanessa and Melissa- cast spells to dispel black magic and curses allegedly cast by other witches upon those asking for their services.

The alleged scam chain also included four loan sharks who lent money to victims to cover the increasing amounts the fortune tellers demanded.  People even pawned their houses and cars to get the loans. According to the Romanian Police, several public notaries were also involved in the shenanigans. Those who wanted out of the scam- some of them Romanian VIPs- were then blackmailed and threatened with more curses if they did so.

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(photo source: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos)


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