Romanian PM on Asian tour, pitching local investments to Chinese investors

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who has been on an official tour to several Asian countries over the last week, is meeting the Chinese president Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Monday, July 1. The Romanian PM is trying to attract some Chinese investments to Romania, focusing on the Cernavoda nuclear power plant and the hydro power plant in Tarniţa-Lăpuşteşti.

Ponta has so far visited Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and China is next on his list.

Romania imported USD 2.7 billion of goods from China in 2012, and exported only USD 500 million to the country during the same year.

The PM is pitching the large investment projects available for foreign investors in Romania in the coming years, such as highways, the Siret – Baragan channel, the Constanta harbor, telecom and energy investments. During an earlier visit to Hong Kong, Ponta met representatives of Huawei, China Nuclear Electric and ZTE.

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(photo source: Victor Ponta on Facebook)


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