Romanian MEP questions sunny weather during World Cup in Russia

Romanian MEP Ioan Mircea Pașcu, a former defense minister and currently a VP of the European Parliament, contrasts in a recent Facebook post the sunny weather in Russia during the World Cup and the rainy one in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

“Did anyone notice that since the World Cup started, two weeks ago, all the stadia in European Russia are sunny, while around, and I’m referring to us, the Bulgarians and the Greeks, we have only rain and storms?” the post reads.

“For two weeks – and another two will follow, until the end of the Cup – Russia will continue to find itself in an area of high atmospheric pressure, and the surroundings in an area of low pressure… I’m sure this is exclusively related to the effects of global warming,” the MEP wrote, ending the post with a wink.

Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu, the only Romanian who has ever flown in outer-space, commented on the post and recalled how Russia previously boasted its rocket technology for driving away rain.

“I recall the Olympics in Moscow, in 1980 and how the weather was rainy. Half an hour before the official opening, the sky was clear over the Moscow stadium and it remained like that until after the ceremony ended. I was there to train for the space flight. The Russians boasted then the rocket technology to drive away (or provoke) rain,” Prunariu  wrote.

“I’ve had that situation in mind all along,” Pașcu replied.

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