Romanian language lesson: Easter greetings in Romanian

The Romanian word for “Easter” is “Paște“.


The Latin etymology “Paschae” caused different forms of the word in other Latin languages: Italian “Pasqua”, French “Pâques”, Portuguese “Pascoa”, Romanian “Paște”.

The form “Paște” was considered a singular form in Romanian; the plural form is “Paști”.

The most commune greeting in Romanian at Easter is:

“Paște fericit” (Happy Easter)

The expression

“Sărbători fericite” (Happy Holidays)

used on this occasion has a more general meaning.

On the Easter’s days, Romanians use the expression

“Hristos a înviat!” (Christ has risen)

and get the response:

“Adevărat a înviat!” (He was risen indeed)

Did you know that?

In Romanian the word “Paște” is part of a very popular phrase with a different meaning:

“La Paștele cailor” (at the horses’ Easter) – it means “Never ever”.

The word “Paște” is also part of a plant name: “Paștele calului” (“the horse’s Easter”).

Mona Pologea, PhD Linguist

Managing Director ROLANG School