Romanian language lesson: About weather (despre vreme)

Let’s learn some usual phrases about the weather.


vremea este frumoasă – engl. the weather is beautiful

vremea este urâtă – engl. the weather is bad

vremea e înnorată – engl. the weather is clouded

vremea e ploioasă – engl. the weather is rainy

plouă – engl. it is raining

ninge – engl. it is snowing

cerul e senin – engl. the sky is clear

vremea este constantă / instabilă – engl. the weather is constant / unstable

este ceață – engl. it is foggy

soarele arde – engl. the sun is burning

vremea este schimbătoare – engl. the weather is unsteady

zăpada se topește – engl. the snow is melting

timpul este răcoros – engl. the weather is cool

ploile sunt izolate – engl. the rains are isolated

se încălzește – engl. it is warming


-“Vremea” is a feminine word; that means that the noun-adjective agreement has to be in the feminine:

Incorrect: *Vremea este frumos.

Correct: Vremea este frumoasă.

-The verbs “a ploua” (to rain) and “a ninge” (to snow) have only one form (the 3rd person singular).

In the Past, the verb forms are:

a plouat (it rained)

a nins (it snowed)

In the Future, the verb forms are:

va ploua = o să plouă (it will rain)

va ninge = o să ningă (it will snow)

Mona Pologea, Ph.D. Linguist

Managing Director ROLANG School