Romanian inmates get sentence reduction on bad prison conditions

The law allowing inmates serving time in bad prison conditions to get six days cut off from their sentence for every 30 days in prison was promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis on Friday, July 14.

Romania’s opposition parties challenged the draft law at the Constitutional Court, but the judges decided that the bill is constitutional.

The Chamber of Deputies approved the draft law at the beginning of May.

The initial version of the bill, which was sent by the Government, provided that detainees kept in inhuman conditions will see a three-day reduction in their sentence for every 30 days. However, the Chamber of Deputies’ legal committee amended the law to a six-day reduction.

Inhuman conditions refer to improper sanitary conditions, such as the presence of bugs, mice and fleas, serving bad meals, the lack of hot water, no outdoor activities or the lack of access to natural light.