Romanian hospital sues patient over negative Facebook post

The County Emergency Hospital in Bistrita Nasaud, in the region of Transylvania, has decided to sue one of its former patients for defamation, after the unhappy patient allegedly offended the doctors in a Facebook post.

The patient is a woman who took her nine-month-old twins to the hospital’s emergency room four times last year, local reported. After staying in the hospital for several days, the woman decided it’s time to take her children home on December 8, although the doctors didn’t agree with her decision.

Six days later, the woman returned to the hospital, as her children were feeling very bad. They had respiratory failure and interstitial pneumonia. They remained hospitalized until December 21, and the hospital staff said the mother neglected her children and refused medical treatment in this period.

Unhappy with the fact that her two children don’t get better, the woman asked for a transfer to a specialized hospital in Cluj, said. Once transferred, the woman wrote the negative Facebook post in which she offended the doctors and accused the hospital in Bistrita Nasaud of negligence. Her post was shared about 2,000 times.

Thus, the hospital decided to sue the woman, its manager saying that the post has affected the medical unit’s image.

Romanian fined for swearing on Facebook

Irina Marica, [email protected]

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