Romanian Highways Company receives 23 offers for two highway segments

Ten companies and consortia submitted offers to build a segment of the Timisoara – Lugoj highway, within a contract which is worth some EUR 136 million. Several international companies took part in the bid – Tirrena Scavi SpA – Societa Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua SpA, Max Boegl, Astaldi, Impresa Pizzarotti, FCC Construccion, among others, according to data from the Romanian Highways Company (CNADNR)

The segment was awarded last year to the consortium Tirrena Scavi-Societa per Condotte d’Acqua-Cossi Construzioni – which submitted an offer this year too, but the result of the bid last year was contested by Romanian firm Tehnologica Radion, which did not submit an offer for the same segment this year.

A segment of the Transylvania highway, between Gilau and Nadaselu also received offers from 13 companies and consortia. The value of this contract is of around EUR 78 million. Some of the international firms which submitted offers were Tirrena Scavi, Hochtief Solution in association with local Pa&Co International, Lena Engenharia e Construcoes in association with locals Apolodor Grup and Via Design, FCC Construccion, as well as Strabag, teaming up with three local companies.

The selection process usually lasts for up to a month.

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