Romanian gunman detained for 24 hours after killing two in Bucharest shooting

Gheorghe Vladan, the gunman who shot eight people at a hair dresser in Bucharest on Monday evening ( March 5 ), is in custody charged with murder and attempted murder. He will undergo a psychiatric evaluation today ( March 6 ).

The gunman was previously accused of battery and other violence, but he was never sentenced, according to the Romanian media. Moreover, his wife, who was one of the two women who died in the shooting, filed a complaint against Vladan, stating that he owned a gun and that she was afraid that he would use it against her. The two were going through divorce.

Gheorghe Vladan worked as a driver with the Medical Direction of the Interior Ministry. On March 5 he entered a hairdresser’s salon in the Dorobanti area of Bucharest and shot 8 people with a 9 mm Glock pistol (in picture). His wife, who was working there, and another women died, while the other six were taken to the hospital.

Three people shot in the stomach were transferred to the Floreasca hospital, while the other three, with wounds to arms and legs, were moved to the Elias hospital.  The two women who died sustained head and chest wounds. Two of the people with leg injuries went to surgery last night (March 5). The other victims’ health condition is currently stable and some of them might go into surgery today (March 6)

Irina Popescu, [email protected]

(photo source: wikipedia)




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