Romanian Government releases broad plan on spending EUR 43 billion of European funds in 2014-2020 window

The Romanian Government has released its first version of how it wants to spend about EUR 43 billion in European cash expected to be allocated in the 2014-2020 funding window.

After months of collaboration between government ministries as well as the Inter-institutional Committee for the development of the Partnership Agreement (CIAP), the European Funds Ministry released its Partnership Agreement 2014-2020 last week.

The document identifies Romania’s development needs and priorities put forward for funding during 2014-2020.

In a statement, the government said that European structural and investment funds will be used to “promote competitiveness, convergence and cooperation, with a view to encouraging the achievement of an intelligent development based on growth and social inclusion”.

Breaking down the particular areas of focus, the statement highlights:

  • Competitiveness, including strengthening research , technological development and innovation as well as improving access, use and quality of information and communication technologies and increasing the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises , the agricultural sector and the fisheries and aquaculture.
  • People and society, including promoting employment and supporting labor force mobility, encouraging social inclusion and combating poverty as well as investing in education, skills and lifelong learning
  • Infrastructure, with a mind to also improving access, use and quality of information and communication technologies as well as promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in the important network infrastructure
  • Resources, including upporting the transition to a low carbon – dioxide emission economy in all sectors, promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency
  • Administration and Governance, in areas such as increasing institutional capacity and efficient public administration as well as improving access, use and quality of information and communication technologies

The European Funds Ministry will now submit the agreement informally to the European Commission continuing its negotiations with the commission until the strategy is approved.

The CIAP is made up of 64 entities, of which 70 % are local and central public institutions and 30% are representative organizations of economic and social environment, trade unions , academia , NGOs , or other representatives of civil society .

The document does not yet indicate the financial allocation of available funds to finance identified priorities because financial matters were not finalized at the European regulations level.

Shaun Turton [email protected]




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