Survey: Romanian employers’ Q4 hiring plans, the most optimistic in Europe

The fourth quarter hiring plans of the Romanian employers are the most optimistic in Europe, on par with Slovenia, and among the top five most optimistic globally, according to a recent ManpowerGroup survey.

The net employment outlook for Q4 of 2018 is up 19%, the strongest reported in Romania since the fourth quarter of 2008, the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey for the October – December 2018 interval found.

Of the 627 Romanian employers interviewed for the Q4/2018 edition of the survey, 24% report that they intend to increase their payrolls, while 9% are considering a decrease in the number of employees.

Employers in the South regions are the country’s most optimistic, reporting a net employment outlook of +28%, the strongest in more than 10 years. The most significant year-on-year improvement is reported by employers in the South-West region, where the +24% net employment outlook, the strongest since Q2/2008, is 25 percentage points stronger than in Q4/2017. Employers in the North-East region report a year-on-year improvement of 24 percentage points, with a net employment outlook of +23%, the strongest outlook for the region in the history of the Romanian survey. The outlook also stands at +23% in the South-East region, where employer optimism is at its highest since Q3/2008.

Perspectives in the Bucharest & Ilfov region are the least bright in the country, with employers reporting a +13% outlook, which declines over both Q3/2018 and Q4/2017 by 2, respectively 4 percentage points. A similar quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year decline is reported in the West region, where the Outlook for Q4/2018 stands at 17%.

At the same time, workforce gains are forecast in all of the ten industry sectors analyzed. Most notably in the construction sector, the +36% net employment outlook is the strongest since Q2/2008. Employers in the manufacturing sector also expect payroll increases, with a net employment outlook of +29%, stable compared to the previous quarter and declining over Q4/2017 by 3 percentage points.

The weakest employment perspectives are reported in the mining and quarrying sector, where the +4% net employment outlook indicates a sluggish hiring environment that is nevertheless improved both over Q3/2018, by 13 percentage points, the survey found.

When it comes to company size, large employers are slightly less enthusiastic than in Q3/2018 and Q4/2017, reporting a +26% net employment outlook that is 1 percentage point weaker quarter-on-quarter and 2 percentage points weaker year-on-year.

Employers in medium organizations are at their most optimistic in the past ten years. The +26% net employment outlook improves by 16 percentage points over last year and is 7 percentage points stronger than in Q3/2018. Employees in micro-organizations are the least enthusiastic, reporting a net employment outlook of +4%.

The net employment outlook is derived by taking the percentage of employers anticipating an increase in hiring activity and subtracting from it the percentage of employers expecting to see a decrease.

Survey: Over a quarter of Romanian employers plan to hire in Q3