Group of Romanians on Centennial march stopped at Moldovan border

About three dozen young Romanians participating in the Centennial March, which symbolically promotes the unification of Romania and Moldova, were stopped at the Moldovan border on Monday.

At first, the Moldovan border police at the Albita-Leuseni border crossing point told them there was a problem with the informatics system. Then, they were informed that the authorities didn’t grant them the right to enter Moldova, according to

The Moldovan authorities also accused the Romanians of disturbing public order at the border, something that the Romanian border police denied, according to a statement of the Romanian Embassy in Moldova.

The youngest of the group, a six-year old boy, came from Strasbourg with his mother and 12-year old sister specially to walk to Chisinau. The march started on July 1 in Alba Iulia and is supposed to end on September 1 in Chisinau.

The group said they are ready to go into hunger strike if they were not allowed to enter the country and asked the Romanian Embassy to Chisinau for help.

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(Photo source: George Centenar Simion Facebook page)