Romanian cable company RCS&RDS takes over operator iLink’s network and customer base

The cable operator RCS&RDS, owned by the business man Zoltan Teszari from Oradea, has taken over the local Cobalt IT- network operator iLink’s network and customers. iLink already announced its customers about the takeover. The newly acquired network operator has more than 20,000 subscribers in Bucharest and other cities in country and the deal was worth EUR 2.3 million, according to Romanian financial newspaper Ziarul Financiar.

RCS&RDS has notified customers of Cobalt IT SRL (iLink) that it will takeover all contracts, acquire all rights and assume contractual obligations.

RCS&RDS has taken over the customer bases of several local companies in the last year, including BitZone (Găeşti, Dâmboviţa), Telemach (Piatra Neamt), Euro Cable (Timisoara) and Kabex Prodcom (Cluj).

IT Cobalt had a turnover last year of EUR 3.2 million, a net loss of EUR 3.1 million and EUR 25 million in debts, according to Romanian media.

RCS & RDS, controlled by Romanian businessman Zoltan Teszari, was created 15 years ago and operates on the Romanian market, as well as in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. It offers cable TV , internet, fixed and mobile telephony services in 200 cities in Romania.

IoanaToader, [email protected]

(photo source: iLink)


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